Housing Summit Presentations

At the November 16, 2016 Housing Summit, housing experts and resources from across the state shared information, success stories, and potential solutions to housing issues faced by communities. If you missed the Summit, or want to review information that was shared, you can access the presentations via the following links.

IMPACT 20/20 Housing Taskforce

Helping communities overcome obstacles to meeting housing needs.

Many communities in Northwest Minnesota are facing shortages in workforce housing, which is limiting the growth of business and industry.There is no "one size fits all" solution for housing needs. Every community is different and has unique challenges and opportunities.

In addition, communities must address the entire continuum of housing - everything from homeless sheters, to permanent supportive housing with services, affordable rental housing, affordable home ownership, market rate rental, and market rate home ownership.

IMPACT 20/20 Housing Taskforce was formed in January 2016 to address housing needs of the region.


    (1) Provide a platform for, and coordinate, regional conversation focusing on community housing needs and solutions.
    (2) Exert influence and advocate for programs and resources that can help solve the housing needs of the region’s communities.


  • Create a robust regional housing network.
    • *Coordinate quarterly meetings of housing stakeholders, including community, regional, and state-level stakeholders and resources.
    • *Explore opportunities to collaborate on projects.
    • *Align existing resources and speak with one voice.
    • *Share information on best practices.
    • *Create regional advantage by strengthening connections with Minnesota housing resources.
  • Spur investment in Northwest Minnesota housing through advocacy.
    • *Hold meetings with individual legislators.
    • *Coordinate visit to the State Capital.
    • *Host a regional housing summit and invite elected officials.