2016/2017 Pilot Projects

Now Accepting Applications

IMPACT 20/20 College Collaborative is helping high school students get ready for college and the world of work.

In a first of its kind effort, our region's higher educational institutions are working together to help Northwest Minnesota high school students understand careers in demand, and what they can do to take advantage of the many educational and career opportunities right here in our region!

Students at participating high schools will learn the answers to many important questions:

  • What careers are most in demand?
  • What kind of jobs are available?
  • What skills will I need?
  • Who is hiring?
  • What can I expect to earn?
  • What other benefits might be available?
  • What courses should I be taking right now?
  • Do I need a degree?
  • What educational programs are available at nearby colleges and universities?
  • What other options are available?
  • What financial aid is available to me?
  • What do I need to know about applying to college?
  • What will I learn from a campus tour?

The IMPACT 20/20 College Collaborative team will deliver two, one-hour presentations to participating schools. These presentations will include information on applying to college (financial aid, enrollment, student life), and career pathways (careers in demand, degree options, expected salaries). There is no cost to participating schools. The only requirement is that all senior high school students are released to participate in the sessions.

The number of schools this year is limited to six. Schools will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, so interested schools are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, using the application form below. School administrators who have any questions may contact Karen White, Vice President for Programs, Northwest Minnesota Foundation.

Download a copy of the flyer here.

Application Form