Broadband Studies

Broadband Use and Access in Northwest Minnesota

  • A Study of Business Broadband Use in Northwest Minnesota

    December 5, 2013: The IMPACT 20/20 Taskforce for Broadband released a study on business broadband use within northwest Minnesota. There were two reasons the taskforce felt the study was important: (1) they wanted a better understanding of the role broadband is currently playing among the region’s businesses; and (2) they wanted to identify best practices currently being used, and subsequently, to share those best practices with the broader business community.

    Major Findings

  • Social media tools—especially Facebook and YouTube—can be an extremely effective means of growing the customer base of a business.
  • Businesses who use broadband tools are increasing their customers, increasing the scope of their market, increasing their efficiency, and increasing their profits.
  • The cost-benefit ratio of using broadband appears to be very high in terms of the amount of time and money invested and the perceived return on investment

    Download a full copy of the study

    • The Case for Broadband: A Call to Action in Northwest Minnesota

      "The Case for Broadband: A Call to Action in Northwest Minnesota" was published in 2010 by the IMPACT 20/20 Taskforce for Broadband as one of its first initiatives. The taskforce aligned its own speed goals with those of the state: 10 Mb download speed and 5 Mb upload speed.

      The study found that there were almost 3,700 households in the 12-county region without service. They also found that speeds were well below their current download/upload goals, with download speeds averaging only 24 percent of the goal and upload speeds even slower - only 8 percent of the goal.

      The study also showcased three successful businesses within the region that are thriving, thanks to the opportunities afforded by broadband service: Digi-Key, Border State Bank, and Northwoods DNA.

      The taskforce is currently in the process of reviewing current access and speed metrics within the region, and comparing them to those of five years ago to assess progress toward speed/access goals.

      Updated information on the current state of broadband service within the region will be posted as soon as it is available.

      Download a copy of the study.