About IMPACT 20/20

Leaders Working Together

The agenda for IMPACT 20/20 is set by its Leadership Council, an influential group of northwest Minnesota decision makers representing diverse interests and working together for the region’s economic success. Council members gather regularly as a body and also in smaller taskforces, each of which is charged with implementing one of IMPACT 20/20’s principal goals. They are assisted on the taskforces by support staff of various Council members as well as a number of outside advisors.

In addition to providing leadership, the Council adds value to the work of the taskforces by creating alignment between them, evaluating their progress, and furnishing them with outside resources. Together, the Council members and the taskforce participants comprise the regional initiative known as IMPACT 20/20.

This group of leaders has identified a purpose statement, core values, and four initiatives that require collective action to successfully lay the foundation for future economic prosperity in Northwest Minnesota. Read more about the economic priorities of IMPACT 20/20.

Purpose Statement

Core Values

  • Collaboration
  • Excellence in Education
  • Highly Talented Workforce
  • Spirit of Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation in Business Products and Processes
  • Economic Opportunity for All Residents
  • Protection of the Region’s Unique Assets