Broadband Needs Survey for Business

IMPACT 20/20 Needs Your Input!

IMPACT 20/20 will be launching a series of business workshops this fall, focusing on various broadband tools. In order to meet the specific needs of our region’s businesses, we are asking businesses to complete a very short survey. Your input is very important to us – it will help us to design training that is most needed and desired. There are only nine questions and the estimated time to complete it is only five minutes.

Take the survey now.



IMPACT 20/20 Releases Study on Business Broadband Use

The IMPACT 20/20 Taskforce for Broadband and the Northwest Minnesota Foundation recently released a study of business broadband use within northwest Minnesota.

There were two reasons the study was seen as important: (1) the taskforce wanted a better understanding of the role broadband is currently playing among the region's businesses; and (2) they wanted to identify best practices currently being used, and subsequently, to share those best practices with the broader business community.

In sharing the information, the hope of the taskforce is that individual businesses within the region will be inspired to try new methods that others have found to be effective and that policy makers will be reminded of the important role broadband plays in northwest Minnesota's rural economy. Read more...


Who is IMPACT 20/20

IMPACT 20/20 is an influential group of northwest Minnesota decision makers representing diverse interests and working together for the region’s economic success. Read more....